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My Journey To Success With Singer Nomfundo Mo

My Journey To Success With Singer Nomfundo Mo

Twenty-two-year-old Nomfundo Mo earned the nod from fans since debuting her album Amagama early this year. She tells us more and shares her success tips

Nomfundo Ngcobo didn’t anticipate how life-changing releasing her debut album would be. The singer, who graduated with a bachelor of social work degree in May, has found that the microphone would give her a bigger platform to touch and help people. With hits such as soft Life and Phakade Lami earning her love from fans, she has been booked and busy and getting awards. She took time from her busy schedule to tell us more about her music journey

Give us a glimpse into your childhood, what inspired your love for music?
My love for music was strongly inspired by my family. I come from a very musical family. We would sing whenever we were happy or celebrating small victories.
 Why did you want to make a career out of music and the entertainment industry?
I thought people needed to hear my music as it speaks to them. It is my way of being there for them and encouraging them to love and have faith. It was indeed ideal to consider music as a career.
What inspires the music you make?
The music I make is inspired by our daily lives – things that happen around me, my imagination and my experiences.
Did you expect your debut album, Amagama, to receive this much love from the public? Share how it has changed your life.
I did expect love due to the effort and energy my team and I invested in making Amagama the solid project it is. Well, we cannot force people to love something, so, I am super grateful the album was received as well as we wished. The love and support have won me awards and plaques, my name is out there because of the love from people.
Your album features a lot of renowned SA stars, how did you secure these collaborations?
I secured features of big stars, such as Ami Faku, Sha Sha, Beast RSA through my team, who went all out to help me get these stars on my project. I am grateful they willingly agreed to be a part of it. The other features (Naxion Cross, Magcina KaNina, Lady K) are stars that I come a long way with. I have known them before and it was easy to ask for them to be a part of my project.
Now that you are on the other side of showbiz, share with us the misconceptions people have about it that you would like to dismantle.
Showbiz is not for celebrities but for everyone who inspires other people to dream big and get out of their comfort zone.
Who would like to work with, locally or internationally, and why?
I would like to collaborate with Zonke, locally, and Alicia Keys, internationally. Both these women are powerhouses with strong vocals and I’d wish to have the experience of working with them.
 What is your definition of success and do you feel you have achieved it?
Success is ticking things off your wishlist as a result of achieving them. It is an ongoing process – I have succeeded in some of my goals but there is still more to achieve.
 Tell us about your new single, Izibusiso, what message do you want audiences to take from it?
Izibusiso is a plea for those around me to be blessed as well at the very same moment I receive my blessings. The song teaches people to love, support each other and be considerate.
Lastly, what are your success tips for young people?
Consistency is key! In whatever you believe in, keep on pushing consistently because you never know who is watching.

For more of her work and visuals, stay tuned to her social media:

Instagram: @iamnomfundomoh

Twitter: @nomfundo_moh

Tik Tok: nomfundomoh

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