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5 Ways To Stop Procrastination

5 Ways to stop procrastinating

If you have the habit of leaving important things to do for the last minute you are ticking great results away, this is how you can stop procrastinating this year

I am so good at procrastinating and justifying myself at the same time. You’d find me say that I thrive under tight deadlines or that there’s a lot of time in the world to complete a certain task. I have seen that at times this habit leaves me working around the clock just to get it done and wish I had few more hours to perfect it. Exams were the worse, especially while I was working and studying at the same time. I was one of those people who thought there aren’t enough hours in a day. But there is more than enough time to get things done if you discipline yourself. I have learned the hard way ( exhaustion and almost failing a few subjects at varsity) that it’s important to give yourself enough time to work on and complete certain projects, especially at work. This is how I have disciplined myself to stop leaving things for the last hour:

I map out tasks I should complete each day: From writing business proposals, prioritising the number of articles I write for the blog, the interviews I make to the meetings I schedule. Each task has its deadline and I make sure that give a certain amount of time to complete it.

I stopped the superwoman syndrome: I have learned that it’s not science to ask for help. And most of the time people are really happy to assist where they can. If I know that there is a commitment I cannot attend to I don’t beat myself for it and simply give it to someone else. The best way to know what’s on your plate, either at work or at home is to note it down and highlight important things to start with.

I set realistic deadlines: Every project that needs my attention has its own deadline. I have set monthly, weekly and daily deadlines for the goals that I want to accomplish.

I work in environments that boost my productivity: From coffee shops with smells and sounds of coffee machines brewing to incubation offices where I see my peers chasing their goals. I love a place that boosts my energy and hunger when I feel demotivated.

I reward myself when I complete a task: I celebrate each milestone and task that I achieve. Give yourself a bigger reward for the big projects and goals you complete. That has disciplined me in many ways.

Do you have tricks to stop procrastinating? Share in the comments below:






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