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Netflix releases the official trailer for JIVA! Plus, Busisiwe Ntintili’s Success Tips

Netflix Spotlights Busisiwe Ntintili In Made By Africans, Watched By The World Campaign

Creator, showrunner and executive producer of Netflix’s JIVA! Busisiwe Ntintili shares where her passion began as well as her success tips ahead of the release of the series’ trailer

Netflix dropped the official trailer for the streaming platform’s latest local original series, JIVA!, about a vibrant dancer, Ntombi (Noxolo Dlamini) who does everything in her power to live out her passion.

Set against the backdrop of Mzansi’s dance culture, expect to experience South Africa like you haven’t before.

Speaking about the series and what it means to her, showrunner Busisiwe Ntintili said, “JIVA! has been a true labour of love. Producing an entire series during a global pandemic was no small feat. But the ridiculously talented cast and crew poured every ounce of creativity into this project. Because when you have a dream, nothing can stop you. And that is ultimately the message of JIVA! To dala what you must! Fight for your dreams!”

About what inspires her when she writes for television shows, she said, “I read a lot and watch the news and listen to people’s lives to know what’s happening in the world. I like my stories to come from a foundation of contemporary life and what is really going on in society.”

About her partnership with NetFlix for Jiva! she added, “I pitched a dance drama series to NetFlix, they loved it and they commissioned it. They were very keen on getting more content from Africa.

And her success tips for young people? “You have to have passion for what you do to keep you going through the tough times. One also has to uphold some form of consistency in everything you do and treat each job like it’s your last, meaning, give your best every single time, and eventually, it will add up to a body of work you can be proud of.”

JIVA!  launches on June 24. Watch the trailer below:

Connect with Busisiwe Ntintili:

Facebook: @NtintiliFactory

Twitter: @bntintili

Instagram: @busisiwentintili


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