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Zozibini Tunzi, Bonang Matheba, Leandie du Randt Talk About Being Part Of Miss SA TV Series

Zozibini Tunzi, Bonang Matheba, Leandie du Randt Talk About Being Part Of Miss SA TV Series

Former Miss Universe and Miss SA title holder Zozibini Tunzi makes her TV series debut as the host of the very first Miss SA television show, Crown Chasers

In the 60-minute series, the Miss South Africa finalists are placed in real-life scenarios that include challenges based on the four pillars of Miss South Africa – duty, championship, empowerment and beauty. A challenge winner will be chosen each week by a judging panel comprising Bonang Matheba and Leandie du Randt and a weekly celebrity guest judge. At the end of each episode, the judges will vote off one of the contestants, with the seven remaining finalists going through to take part in the live grand finale on August 13. Tunzi, Matheba and Du Randt tell us more:

Zozibini Tunzi

Tell us about the experience of hosting this TV series.

Hosting a TV series for the first time has been a beautiful experience. It came as second nature to me because the show is about a world with which I am very familiar. What made it even more fulfilling was being a part of helping build it from the start, and every step of the way, from an executive-producing perspective.

What sets Crown Chasers apart from other television shows? Why should people watch it?

I think everyone should watch Crown Chasers because I imagine every year people wonder what the process of choosing a Miss South Africa is like and now, they will finally have a full picture. “What’s also special about this show is that South Africa gets to fall in love with these women and watch them grow in their journey towards the crown. When your favourite contestant becomes Miss South Africa, it will feel as though you have walked with them every step of the way and learnt what kind of woman they are. There’s just something so beautiful about feeling included and being a part of your new Miss South Africa journey.

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What is your advice to this year’s finalists?

Be sure of yourselves. You are all finalists because you worked hard and you deserve to be there. I want you to know that every event and situation that has ever happened in your lives has prepared them for this moment. The answer to being Miss South Africa is not rocket science and is not found in any books. You have every answer you need within yourselves, so all you must do is just show up in your truest form.

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba

What qualities are you looking for in each contestant in this show?

I am looking for someone who’ll play a great ambassadorial role, who is passionate about her CSI projects; someone who is an advocate for social justice and someone who will play a role in terms of being a spokesperson for the youth of our country.

I am looking for a young modern woman that South Africans can aspire to be like, somebody that they see a little of themselves in; someone who is relatable, proudly South African, and someone who caries herself with dignity, grace and elegance. Obviously, she has to be beautiful, but she must also have a wonderful and zesty personality. Somebody who gravitates towards people and who people gravitate towards–that X-factor!

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I believe the woman who ultimately wins was born to be Miss South Africa and has the essence of a Miss South Africa. It’s our responsibility to identify her.

What sets Crown Chasers apart from other TV shows?

The series will give us a greater opportunity to get to know the girls because they get taken through all these challenges and you will really experience a 360-degree view of their personality, how they are in tough times, how they handle exterior factors that might influence them, good or bad, how they interact with other people, how they look on camera, how they interact in social settings, around other women and around competition and how they handle themselves. By the time we crown the winner, we will know her very well, what makes her tick when she is on and off camera and what kind of woman she is deep down.

Leandie du Randt

Leandie du Randt

Leandie du Randt, as you understand the pressure of reality television on the contestants, having hosted Love Island South Africa, what sets this show apart from others you have been a part of?

Audiences will love the realness and all the behind-the-scenes activities of Crown Chasers. The show will also help them get to know the finalists on a deeper level and understand and respect what they have to go through in order to win the crown.

As a judge, what are you looking for in the contestants?

I am looking for the woman that has that Miss South Africa feel to her when she walks into the room; someone who must be able to be the best version of herself at all times, and someone who is memorable, has a presence and a purpose in her heart to serve and lead the country in being the best it can be.

Crown Chasers starts on SABC3 on July 8 at 16pm.

The Miss South Africa pageant takes place at Sun International’s flagship venue, the SunBet Arena at Time Square, Pretoria on Sunday, August 13.

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