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Kick-start Your Mornings With DJ Sabby’s Breakfast Show on Metro FM, Plus, His Success Tips

Kick-start Your Mornings With DJ Sabby's Breakfast Show on Metro FM

At 33, award-winning radio personality, Sabelo Mtshali, affectionally known as DJ Sabby is slowly dominating the airwaves with his move to Metro FM’s breakfast show. We catch up with him about his career.

What does your new breakfast show at Metro FM mean to you?

I won’t lie, it’s an amazing feeling. You work so hard to get to these kinds of moments, especially in the South African radio landscape. A breakfast show, especially at Metro FM, is one of the highest and prime levels one can perform in, you set the tone of the backbone of the business of the station. You set the tone for people’s day. It’s a big responsibility, but I am happy to embark on this journey with the amazing team that I have and management supporting me. I am blessed with an opportunity to deliver the best offering every morning to millions of South Africans who trust me to help kick-start their day.

What does success mean to you now?

It might sound cliche, but there are certain moments in my life when I feel so happy that I forget about my bank balance, but money affords you options, certain opportunities and access to certain spaces. So I value money for that because it offers a lot for your family and for life. But I don’t want to view success as money or currency. I am very successful in that I am in an amazing environment, in which the people around me genuinely make me look forward to living life; they encourage me, have my back and make it easy for me to love and look forward to spending time with them.

Are there other goals you are aiming to tick off in the future?

I would still love to grow in the broadcasting space. I believe I still have a lot to offer, either in front of or behind the camera. I just got my first credit as a producer in a music documentary that we put together, called The Bubbling Culture. I can’t wait to make further announcements on the documentary and where people can check it out. Content is definitely a big space that I want to venture into, especially visual content. I still want to grow in the music space. But radio is the focus this year.

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What do you find most fulfilling in your career?

It’s the ability to do what I love. I don’t find it hard to wake up in the morning because I look forward to doing what I do and that is fulfilling. It’s the ability to make someone’s day better and give them hope. By the time the clock strikes 9am, having someone feeling better than they did before listening to the show is fulfilling. Sometimes, we tend to let moments take over our minds and think we can’t achieve anything and procrastinate. But you have to go out there and show up because today could be the day you had been praying for. I love my job. It completes me and keeps me on my feet.

Lastly, what are your success tips for young people?

Success is what you want it to be. Don’t make it something you saw from someone else. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other people’s success, but remember that success is your journey. Success can be as broad as being happy, making money or starting a family. Also, appreciate that it comes at its divine timing – within God’s hours. Just put in the work and consistently show up. The question is when success knocks at your door, will you be ready? As the saying goes: when you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Be patent and work hard. Don’t allow your environment to discourage you. You are someone’s role model, especially that little kid in you. Make them proud. You got this. Go out there. Be great.

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