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Ayra Starr Steps Into 2023 With A New Single, Sability, Plus, Her Success Tips

Ayra Starr Steps Into 2023 With A New Single, Sability, Plus, Her Success Tips

With over 820 million global streams and over 467 million YouTube views, Ayra Starr’s rise puts her firmly as the global Gen Z star to watch!

Africa’s fastest-rising new music star Ayra Starr returns with ‘Sability’, her first solo single of 2023. About the single, she explained to KDanielles Media: “I am here to inspire people to be creative and live their best lives in whatever they do, which is why I wanted to make this happy song everyone would relate to. Growing up, there were some songs I listened to that I would term ‘happy songs’. I decided to lean towards making a high-vibrational song because I wanted to remind people of their childhood joy, what life was before the troubles, and also to transport them to that moment. ‘Sability’ is a happy song which would definitely take you back to memory lane. Good memories.”

‘Sability’ is the first solo release by Ayra Starr following last year’s monumental viral hit ‘Rush’, which has over 236 million combined streams to date. The music video has racked up over 86 million views in just four months and has ranked in YouTube’s Top 30 Music Videos for three consecutive months. The song’s international ubiquity has seen it remain in the Top 20 on Shazam’s Global Top 200 chart for three months straight.

In our previous chat to her about the meaning of success, she explained: “The definition of success changes over time with people, I believe, because we are insatiable. Success for me is getting to a place of content after achieving a set goal.

As for her success tips, she says: “Nobody will believe in you more than you believe in yourself, so get that straight. Act like the person you proclaim yourself to be.”

Listen to the single here.

Watch video below”

Connect With Ayra Starr:

Twitter: @Ayrastarr

Instagram: @Ayrastarr

Facebook: @Ayra-Starr

TikTok: @Ayrastarr

YouTube: @Ayrastarr


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