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Paxton Fielies Ushers In A New Month With A New Single, Plus, Her Success Tips

Paxton Fielies Ushers In A New Month With A New Single, Plus, Her Success Tips

Idols 2017 winner and international star Paxton has released her much-anticipated new single ‘Touch & Go’, which will have fans excited for her sophomore album

With ‘Touch & Go’ Paxton ushers in a new era exploring the boundaries and fluidity of R&B, soul, Afrobeats, pop and amapiano.

The 23-year-old’s entry into the music industry was grounded by her fierce passion for music and saw her land three number-one singles, an album and international tours within her first year in the industry. She tells us more about her single, and album:

What was the inspiration behind the song Touch & Go?

I was inspired by a conversation I had with my friends about how difficult and complex dating can be these days, especially as a young professional focused on career and goals.

What is the message of the song?

It has always been important to me that my audience grows with me and I take them on this journey. Music is the way I choose to express myself, I am in the most vulnerable space when I am in the studio and always hope that people will get to know me and experience who I am when listening to my music. This is a new era, I have entered a new season and I am really excited to introduce my core audience to this new version of me. The message of the song is one that everyone can relate to and I had lots of fun creating it.

Share with us the process behind making songs, what inspires you?

When me and my team get together and create music, our inspiration usually comes from everyday life and what people can relate to. For me it is important that people can relate to what I write and enjoy my music. I also want my music to inspire people and give them a different outlook on things. I try and stay true to myself when it comes to my music and always try to be as real and raw as I can. I find that people connect more to what is real and heartfelt.

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How do you define success and do you feel you have achieved it?

It’s like what Tony Robbins says, “Success is hitting an expectation, but we should trade our expectations for appreciation and it could change everything. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

Yes, I have been successful but I’m not content and I won’t settle for where I am right now in any aspect of my life. I know that God has bigger and better plans for my life and I’m willing to put in the work so that God can use me as a vessel to change lives.

 What are your success tips to young people?

I live by this quote that says “future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and to me that means everyone can be dreamers but it’s up to us to make our dreams become our reality. There is no limit to what we’re capable of doing, we are our only limit! Nothing but love and appreciation to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey.

Released via Gallo Music Services, ‘Touch & Go’ is available to stream or download here:

Connect with Paxton:
Facebook: @paxtonmusicsa
Instagram: @paxtonfielies_
TikTok: @paxtonfielies_

Image source: Instagram

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