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How Successful People Make The Most Of Monday


Starting a new week in the office is never easy. But, like most successful people you can beat the Monday blues and slay your day ahead

Mondays have never been a favourite day for many people, including myself. Starting a brand new week, with e-mails to catch up on, as well as meetings and deadlines that await you everything can seem daunting. So how do successful people seem to get it right, even on a Monday? Well, a positive mindset and a bit of discipline are tricks they all seem to use. These are tricks you can emulate from successful people to make the most of your Monday:

  • Rest: Don’t you find Sundays frustratingly short? I find the clock racing towards the start of a brand new working week. But you can make the most of this day by resting. Research has proven that you can never make up for lost of sleep, so with deadlines looming ahead, use your Sundays to have those much needed eight hours of sleep that your mother told you about.
  • Exercise: Getting physical has proven to have many benefits, which including boosting your mood and mental energy. It’s as simple as taking your dog for a walk.
  • Have a healthy breakfast: We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a healthy one is much needed to help boost your energy and sharpen your focus.
  • Get to the office early: Nothing screams unreliable louder than sending an ‘I will be late’ message to your office on Monday traffic. Make an extra effort to not hit that snooze button and get to work early. Having an extra ten minutes to yourself will work wonders to your productivity.
  • Commit to achievable goals: You have the rest of the week to get the great results and meet your deadline. Attend to projects you can complete in a day, like planning your meetings and big projects for the week. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and let the day flow.

How do you make the most of Monday?


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