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Want Peace Of Mind This Year? Here’s How To Set Healthy Boundaries

how to set healthy boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries in your workplace or relationships is important for your peace of mind and happiness. This is how to do it

Have you found yourself drained or digging in your bag for painkillers because of a headache after an encounter with someone? So have I. Experience has taught me that setting boundaries is important because it’s easy for people to take advantage of your kindness.  Whether it’s with colleagues, your partner, family or even friends, it’s key to set healthy boundaries for your own happiness. These are ways I have learned to set boundaries over the years:

At work:

Limit your personal life at work: Though not always possible, leave personal issues at home and don’t divulge too much details about your private affairs, unless they affect your work performance. Also, be careful who you open up to at work as you don’t want to be subject to gossip.

Don’t underestimate your environment: You spend most of your time at work so the last thing you need is to work at a place that stresses you. Always stand up for yourself in a respectful way, whether with colleagues or your superiors. Communicate your values and the kind of working relationship you sincerely thrive under.

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Your relationship:

Prioritise communication: Your partner should know how you prefer to be treated and what you cannot tolerate as a person. Respecting each other’s boundaries is important to a healthy and happy relationship.

Always consider each other’s feelings: It’s never your fault if your partner acts in an irresponsible way. You are accountable for your actions but they can really hurt your partner’s feelings if you are not considerate.

 Your friendship:

Communicate your values: Your friends can really make or break you. You are lucky if you have sincere friends who want what’s best for you and respect your values. True friendships are reciprocal and trusting. Learn to let go of friends who always drain your energy or who you feel apologetic too when things go well in your life.

Learn to say no: This shouldn’t apply to your friends only but to people and things that don’t add value to your life and happiness.

How do you set boundaries?


My Journey To Success With Lesego Thlabi aka Coconut Kelz

My Journey To Success With Lesego Thlabi aka Coconut Kelz

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