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5 Things Not To Say To A Friend Who Just Broke Up

5 Things Not To Say To A friend Who Just Broke Up

Going through a break-up is emotionally draining and can even take years to get over it. The last thing you want to do is push your broken-hearted friend away with what you say. Here are things you should never say no matter what

Let’s face it, breakups suck. Even with books, movies, quotes, and songs dedicated to healing the wounded heart that’s just gone through a breakup, there isn’t a fit-all formula for getting over an ended relationship. The hurt sometimes stems from the time and emotions invested in someone only to realise they were not meant for you. Your friend might not admit it, but they do need you during this time. Even if you breathe a sigh of relief when they break up with someone you didn’t like in the first place don’t make it obvious to them; even if they knew how you felt about them. No matter what you do to try to cheer them up never say these things to them:

There are plenty of fish in the sea: The statement might be true but the fact that there are many people out there doesn’t mean they are a perfect match for you. People have preferences and the thought of having to find someone else can be tiring. Someone who just got out of a relationship doesn’t need to hear that, especially from you.

Thank goodness it’s over. I really didn’t like your ex: Everyone needs a brutally honest friend, but you don’t have to be insensitive about your feelings. Would you have appreciated it if the tables turned?

Maybe it’s for the best: Yes, maybe. But your friend is not ready to hear that, especially if they have hope that they can fix the relationship. Be the voice of reason but don’t force your friend to take hasty decisions moving forward.

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We all saw it coming: some couples are a match made in heaven and others make you feel sorry for them. If you are not the only one who genuinely didn’t see a future with your friend’s ex please don’t rub it in their face. Your friend might not have listened to you and their gut during that particular relationship but it’s a painful lesson they have hopefully learned.

Get over it: I have a friend who told me that years ago. She literally snapped and that really hurt. I never confided in her anymore and until this day I find it hard to express my feelings pertaining relationships.  What you say and especially how you say it can really push people away. You don’t have to say anything when your friend confides in you, sometimes all they need is your ear and your shoulder to cry on.

What else should people avoid saying?

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