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5 Special Things You Should Do For Your Partner Everyday

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It’s easy to take your partner for granted after a while, but make sure there’s always spark in your relationship with these special things you should do for your partner every day

When was the last time you thought time flew when you were with your bae? Or the last time you called each other for hours talking about anything just to hear each other’s voices? Or, wait for it, when you went out? If you can’t remember than your relationship is at a lukewarm stage. But the nice thing is that it doesn’t have to be. Falling in love could be destiny but staying with your partner is a choice. I have asked couples who have been together for years how they have kept the flames of their love burning and their answers are common: choice. Yes, love is a very important foundation to a long, happy relationship but it’s when you choose to do the things they always appreciate that really matters. I admit life can happen. You can find yourself caught up in certain challenges that make you doubt whether your relationship is meant to be or if your partner still cares for you. But just like other things you want to achieve in life, you have to be committed and put in the work for your relationship to be where you want it to be. Sometimes it really doesn’t cost a cent to show your partner you appreciate them. These are the things you can do every day for each other:

Tell them you love them: It’s one thing to know that your partner knows that you love them, but telling them those words really brightens their day and deepens your connection.

Listen to them: Although I try, I don’t understand people who say they are so busy that they can’t find a couple of minutes in the 24 hours we all get just to talk to their loved ones. Make time to call or listen to your partner each day. You could be one of the reasons their crappy day ends on a positive note.

Compliment them: Remind your partner why you found them attractive. If they did something different or wore another perfume, for example, take not and acknowledge it. It really does make a huge difference.

Always thank them: There’s something powerful about gratitude in every aspect of your life, but mostly in your relationship. When you sincerely thank your partner for every special thing they do for you, you somehow challenge them to continue treating you like royalty. Be thankful, always.

Be their cheerleader: Thank the heavens when you find someone who always encourages you to reach your dreams, a person who is truly happy for you when you reach a level of success in your life and who is there for you when you face challenges. Always support your partner and never allow them to choose between their dreams and you. That’s just selfish.

What special thing do you do for your partner each day?

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