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Weekend Review: Bumblebee, A Must Watch This Holiday

Weekend Review_ Bumblebee, A Must Watch This Holiday

Instead of the never-ending explosions and exaggerations you’ve come to know Transformers for, Bumblebee is a subtle and quieter humanised version of the 1980s animated series that you will sure connect with

Of all the Autobots (the good robots that transform themselves into cars) Bumblebee has been my favourite mischevious soldier. What I found most refreshing about the movie is the fact that unlike the bombastic bombings that come with the usual Transformers, director, Travis Knight gives the movie a quieter, and character-driven tone. The protagonist, is the s-hero, Charlie Wilson, played by Hailee Steinfeld, an emotional wreck who is not over the passing of her dad. As a mechanic (and no, it’s not necessarily the same feel as Mikaela Bane, (played by Megan Fox) in the first two franchise movies), she discovers an old, dusty  VW bug rusting in her uncle’s junkyard and as a birthday present, she asks to keep it and fix it. But she only later discovers that the car is not a car at all but Bumblebee!

What I also observed in the movie is that there isn’t any advanced or sophisticated technology or cars, and I learned the movie is actually set in the 1980s. You will see the nostalgic elements, which many millennials will not be familiar with, such as rotary phones and VHS tapes in Wilson’s home, which Bumblebee unintentionally turns upside down when left alone in his home garage. The Autobot, whose vocal cords were destroyed at war, has to find creative ways to learn to communicate, and with the help of Wilson who fixes his radio, changes radio stations to communicate. Bumblebee was tasked by the leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime to scout the planet as a possible new home for the endangered Autobots and now the Decepticons are on the hunt for Optimus Prime and are convinced that Bumblebee will lead them to him.

Putting a woman at the forefront in the movie is a refreshing element. She displays a sense of nonconformity, rebellion and emotional unavailability, as she shows a bit of affection but no love interest on Meme, played by Jorge Lendeborg, who has a crush on her. The gist of the movie is how supernatural and life-endangering events can play a role in bringing families together. Oh, and another great addition to the movie is John Cena, who plays John Cena.

In a nutshell I personally enjoyed Bumblebee and I think it’s a definite must-watch for families looking for a great way to enjoy the festive season.

Check out the trailer below:


The movie comes out today (21 December 2018) in cinemas, nation-wide.


Jorge Lendeborg Jr

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