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7 Habits To Develop That Ensure You Reach Success


Success is within reach if you put your mind to it. But to reach it you have to not only define what it means to you but also have a strategy to attain it. Here are seven habits that will help you route to success

No matter what we believe in, reaching your goals can only happen if you put action to your plan. Writing your goals down and praying about them will sure help you reach the success you want- but only if you work for it. Sometimes we are the ones blocking our own path to success with our attitudes and especially with the tendancy of giving up too quick. Not everyone’s journey is the same so it’s also pointless and unfair to you to compare your current situation or weaknesses with other people’s strengths. The only way to have peace of mind while working hard for your dreams is to put your head down and focus on your lane. While you are at it develop or continue these habits that will guarantee success:

Break down goals into scalable actions: Always strategise ways to reach all the goals you have set for yourself. If there’s a certain position you want at work, what measures are you taking today to get there? Always do one or two things today that you can tick off and feel proud of.

Avoid procrastination: The best way to do that is by setting deadlines with a reward system. Procrastinating only steals your time, a precious commodity that even rich people cannot afford. So whatever you do, don’t give in to laziness or the habit of postponing things.

Create measurement tools for yourself: Corporates measure your work through a KPI system, businesses measure profits and school measures your competence through examination. Find ways to measure your performances to see what works and what doesn’t. This will ensure that you see what value you put into your work.

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Surround yourself with people who are driven: You are the company you keep. Choose the surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you to reach your goals. Not those who drain your energy and make you feel guilty for dreaming big.

Invest in yourself: The world is highly competitive and to keep up you have to find your unique selling point or your strengths that set you apart. Improve your skills or further your education. Find creative ways to build up an impressive CV for yourself.

Keep a healthy lifestyle: There are many benefits associated with exercising and maintaining a healthy. Keeping fit energises the body and the mind, which help you focus for longer. Also, invest in reading as it helps with mental stimulation and stress reduction.

Be kind to yourself, always: The world can be harsh enough, so don’t be hard on yourself, especially for the mistakes you make along the way. You are human after all. If you embrace the lessons that failure and mishaps bring than things will work out eventually. Don’t be hard on yourself because you are all you have.

What other positive habits do you have that make you successful?



My Journey To Success With Carol Ofori.

My Journey To Success With Carol Ofori

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