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Businesses You Can Hustle Part Time


While it’s important to focus on excelling at and growing in your career, there is nothing wrong with have multiple sources of income

With the skyrocketing cost of living relying on one source of income can be challenging at times. Keeping your head above water when it comes to your finances can force you to rely on loans that only lead to financial disaster. Many people rely on multiple sources of income to maintain financial freedom and to build their wealth and it’s no secret how they are doing it. They simply see a need and offer solutions to that need at a cost. Trying to balance your full-time job with your side hustle is exhausting and time-consuming but the financial benefits you reap are worth it. It’s always important to center your work or your business around what you love doing as that will keep you going especially when you face challenges. Use your hobby or talent as a starting point and mix it with what people around you need. These are the top five we recommend:

  • Tutoring: Learners are always in need of extra lessons. If there is a subject you are very good at and love interacting with students offer tutoring services to them at least once a week.
  • Fitness/ yoga instructor: If you enjoy breaking a sweat then find people within your community that you can charge for your coaching.
  • Writing or designing: The lifeline of any organisation, small or big, is communication. If you have good writing or design skills offer them at a fee.
  • Baking/ catering: The center of every memorable occasion is food. If you have the knack for cooking then make yourself thousands of rand richer.
  • Cosmetics: If your friends always ask you to do their hair, nails or makeup, why not offer makeup classes or offer your services?
  • Social media: managing a small business or person’s social media pages is a lucrative way of earning income. People want to be present and relevant in the digital world but neither have the time nor the skill you might have.

There is a demand that needs your skill; it’s a matter of identifying it and monetising it.

How do you earn extra income?



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