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7 Things To Let Go Of To Be Happy

7 Things To Let Go To Be Happy

Happiness is a state of mind. But you need to let go certain things to remain content every day

Life is a choice. We choose to act and react in certain ways. Although there are things we didn’t choose such our families, race or even our bodies we live a life that is a result of the decisions we make every day. With the challenges we face being happy does seem to be a luxurious feeling that takes a lot of effort to have and maintain. As someone who’s experienced a lot of depressing experiences, especially toxic friends, family, work environments, and relationships I know the pain of being sad and lonely even with the company around me. It’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. This is the reason I choose to protect my space and energy at all times. Over the years I have mastered the ability to cut certain people and places from my life and it has worked well for my sanity and happiness. I believe that you have to let go of things that weigh you down even if it makes you look selfish. These are the seven things I have managed to let go in my life and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you let go of them as well:

Toxic people: Have you been in a relationship with someone who takes you for granted and has the audacity to tell you that you won’t let them go because you loved them? Well, I find the shock in my exes’ faces very funny when I leave the relationship without looking back. I have let go of relationships and friendships that just didn’t work for me.

Grudges: From my experiences, forgiving someone benefits you and not them. It also means you don’t have to be best friends or care how their lives turn out. It took so much time, prayer and energy for me to forgive people who have wronged me and I am in a happy space.

Crappy work environments: I have seen it all. Really bad bosses, unprofessional workplaces, and even childish colleagues. I left jobs without looking back, resigned and even got fired at some stage in my career. The struggle of employees is real out there, but letting go of a job that makes you miserable is one ingredient to your happiness and way better opportunities.

 Caring what others say about you: Do you boo, that’s what matters. Only you are accountable and entitled to your life, what people say or do to try to bring you down is their problem. Don’t make it yours. Of course, it hurts when people say nasty things about you, but those who try to bring you down are already beneath you. That’s what I have learned.

Your past: We all have memories we’d like to erase.  Leave them where they belong: in the past. Your happiness depends on you to learn from your mistakes and embrace what the presence and future hold for you.

The idea of having a perfect life: I have learned that no one is perfect. You will not have a perfect partner or life. Like people, life has its ups and downs it’s your resilience and strength that will get you through life’s low moments.

Jealously: Until we understand that everyone has their season we will not be happy because we’ll always be jealous of what other people have. Jealousy breeds wicked thought and actions. It has broken friendships and relationships. People can go as far as killing others because of jealousy. Learn to appreciate what you have and there is no harm in being happy for others, in fact it attracts good things to you as well. That’s what the law of attraction teaches.

What else do you think people should let go of in order to be happy?

Swaady Martin

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