5 Signs That Show Its Time To Break Up And Move On

5 Signs That Show Its Time To Break Up And Move On

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In addition to our intuition, there are subtle signs that show it’s time to call it quits with your partner. If you are wondering whether your relationship has reached a dead end, here are five signs:

Earlier this year I watched the movie, Girl’s Trip, which is about four friends who reunite at the Essence Festival, thanks to Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall) a best-selling author whose marriage is anything but perfect. The movie reminded me of how much we often cling on to the past and to the hope that a relationship can be resuscitated, even if it’s at the expense of our happiness. I have learned the hard way that love itself is not painful but loving the wrong people is. This is why I believe you have to let go of toxic relationships for fear of being alone. Loving yourself is the ultimate, and important relationship goal to have because how you see yourself is reflected in the kinds of relationships you have with others. With that said don’t ignore the following signs that tell it’s time to end your relationship:

You are okay with not seeing or hearing from your partner for a long time or you’d rather do something else or be with others instead of spending time with your partner: Since this scenario should be the other way around it’s not a good sign dreading the thought of spending time with your partner.

You fight all the time, even when it’s not necessary: Not seeing eye to eye is normal and healthy for any relationship but that shouldn’t be every day, especially when your self-worth is bruised all the time.

You feel excluded from their list of priorities and future goals: When your partner doesn’t put you anywhere in their future plans or even make time to be with you, don’t waste your time and theirs.

You feel insecure or lonely: Being with someone who makes you feel anything but happy is not a good sign. If your partner’s actions drive you to the point of insanity, I suggest you let the relationship go.

You are no longer interested in the relationship at all: If nothing about your partner or relationship excites you anymore, you have reached a dead end and it’s time to move on.

Relationships are beautiful and being with a loving and caring partner does bring out the best in you. Never settle for anything less than you know you deserve.

What other signs have you experienced before your break up?

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