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Signs Your Relationship Will Last

William Stitt

While we don’t know what tomorrow holds we sure know that we choose the relationships we find ourselves in and whether they are worth us making them last.

Nothing beats the feeling of holding the gaze of someone whom you are attracted to and then making the move to know each other. The first few dates and first kisses are an incredible part of starting a new relationship. But when the honeymoon stage fizzles out the real work of sustaining the relationship begins. Take it from me, the main thing that glues any relationship is trust. Since we can’t read minds like Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling vampire novel Twilight, all we can do is trust that our partners are sincere. But as we know that actions speak way louder than words you can tell where your relationship is destined from the beginning. Along with your intuition there are signs that your new relationship will last.

  • Time always flies when you are together: This is a good sign as it shows you enjoy each other’s company and have so much to share with each other.
  • You have more common interests and share similar values: Although this doesn’t have anything to do with compatibility it’s about spending time together doing things you both enjoy while getting to know each other.
  • You genuinely care about each other: This is an often overlooked trait that even couples in long-term relationships become culprits of. If you both care about each other’s goals, dreams and feelings showing it through support sure is a good sign.
  • You are close friends: Establishing a close friendship is another sign that you are likely to last. Good friends don’t judge or bring you down. They embrace your weird characteristics and support you at all times. If your partner ticks off the above actions then you have someone worth holding on to.
  • You both make an effort: If one of you slacks in making the relationship work than it is not worth investing in it.

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