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Signs He Loves You, Without Saying It

Signs he loves you without saying it

The saying, actions speak louder than words, couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to relationships. Here are five ways he sincerely loves you

It’s often said that men are mysterious, but I sincerely believe that they are plain. Men show when they are in love and no bad action, no matter the justifications women often attach to some of them can ever mean love. Love shouldn’t hurt and if you find yourself sleeping with a broken heart almost every night it’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. With that said, here are ways I have seen some of my guy friends show love to their women, without often saying it. Have your checklist ready to tick:


He sincerely cares about you: He wants what is best for you and always takes your thoughts and feelings into consideration in everything he does. He puts you first and enjoys spending time with you.

He complains about time flying when you are together: You both enjoy each other’s company and always have meaningful conversations about things that matter to both of you. Time is always the reason he has to leave or you end your chats. Oh, and the kisses are always long and passionate.

He includes you in his future plans: Guys barely open up about their families, dreams or future plans unless they see their future with you.

He is very protective of you: When your man cares about your safety, from holding your hand when you cross the street to breathing a sigh of relief when you arrive safely at your destinations, especially after a girl’s night out, he really cares. He’ll also be protective of you when other people are mean to you, especially his family or friends.

He cheerleads and supports your dreams: A man really loves you when he does not feel threatened by your career ambitions. Instead, he always challenges you to dream bigger and set higher goals. He also shows he cares when he’s there for you when you go through challenges.

How else has your man shown he loves you?

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