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Winners Alert: This Is How You Define What Success Means

Liomi Pefume

Congratulations to our 3 winners who entered our one-year birthday celebration competition, in association with Liomi Perfume.

In May 2018, KDanielles Media turned one. It was indeed a great milestone and to celebrate we ran a competition, where we asked you to define what success means to you with the hashtag #behindmysuccess: This is what some of you said on our social media pages:

  • selemeng1: Success means being in perfect peace, being happy and inspired by what you do and to do little more each day. Realising your dream without being complacent and not forgetting the end-goal in mind. Following your own path and being passionate (blissful) about your chosen path. #behindmysuccess
  • miss_pretorius_success means moving at your own pace, running your own race and staying in YOUR lane. Stop competing with others and just do you. #behindmysuccess
  • ntokozo_bhiya Success to me means: *Feeling comfortable in your own skin; feeling good about yourself.
    *Adequate shelter, food on the table, health, and a happy home
    * Going out into the world each day and doing the very best you can. Going to bed each night feeling satisfied that you gave it your all.
    *  Being able to quit your day job and live comfortably off of investment income; financial independence.
    *To feel loved and understood.
    * Having the love and respect of my family and friends.
    *  Doing work I love; finding the work that I like best.
    *  To laugh often.
    * Helping others with your unique talents.
    *  Coming up with a truly original idea and seeing it through to its implementation in the real world.
    *Being true to yourself; being authentic.
    * Expressing who I am.
    * To engage in activities in which I get to apply my strengths on a regular basis.
    *Loving another with all my heart and soul.
    * Creating something new and extraordinary. #behindmysucess
  • phiwe_dlamini To me success means being able to set and achieve my goals, it can be small or big; it’s reaching the finish line, running my own journey in my own pace without people telling me you should or shouldn’t, it’s finishing my 3 year degree in 5 years; the fact is I finished, graduated and am now working. Success means being a good example to others and helping in any way I can. I run my own little salon business that I started six years ago. It is just me…but for me, success is measured by the small day to day things…I love seeing it grow…meeting new people…constantly learning to add something new and exciting..saving until I can add a treatment or a feature I have been dreaming of. I never took out any loans. Everything was built from scratch. A big dream..strong will and a little pixi dust, I always say. It’s exciting to hope for bigger and better things and putting your life into something you are passionate about. Who know the hights one might reach. #behindmysuccess
  • preetha2654 Success to me is making a difference to people while doing what we love. #behindmysucess
  • is being confident in every step you have taken to build yourself up into the amazing human being you are today. Success is lifting up others with you as you climb higher. Most importantly, success is a feeling you can’t shake and a fragrance that is unique to your being and that, nobody can take away from you? #behindmysuccess
  • lilystormblog My definition of success is always living my truth, maintaining a good work ethic…and even though I work a full-time corporate job – I never stop adding building blocks to my dreams behind the scenes. #behindmysuccess ?
  • kbnmahomedSuccess is happiness and contentment in everything you do.Success is not measured with wealth rather the love of what you do on a daily basis and the serenity that comes with being with your loved ones. Success is knowing that you have lived your life with dignity and have earned the respect of those around you. Success is loving yourself and extending it to those around you. #behindmysucess
  • pillayadeline1234 Success means making goals and reaching it, being happy knowing that life is important. Doing what makes you happy and loving it. #behindmysuccess
  • charmainen21 Success means setting a target and aiming to achieve it. Getting to where u want to be with truth and honesty. Being successful is when one reaches full potential ❤ #behindmysucess.
  • lindagraskie is taking on the world on my terms and uplifting others along the way. #behindmysucess
  • dawnwallenkamp success to me is being content and happy with what I have. #behindmysucess
  • dawnyvetteclarkeSuccess to me is to be healthy, happy and content with my life. #behindmysucess.
  • anusha.naidoo Success to me means overcoming challenging, my fears, and reaching my goals. Persevering to make a success as single mom, being a widow at a young age motivated me to be strong and be a success in raising a little daughter on my own despite difficult situations and heartache. Success is studying and getting a good career so I can create a comfortable life. Success is all about reaching out and following that dream, to be the best, achieve the best as I am only passing this way but once, and want to look back with no regrets…I want to say I am a success in life not a failure. #behindmysucess
  •   Success means embracing failure and becoming a life long learner. #behindmysucess
  •  Success means not giving your attention to the obstacles in your way, but giving your attention to what God has placed in your heart to do! #behindmysucess

Congratulations to anusha.naidoo,  phiwe_dlamini and ntokozo_bhiya for winning this competition!

Photo credit: Liomi Perfume

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