5 Things To Give Up To Live A Fulfilling And Happy Life

5 Things To Give Up To Live A Fulfilling And Happy Life

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The saying “never give up” is an anthem for everyone striving for success. But it’s sometimes good for your wellbeing to give up once in a while. Here are five things to give up to live a fulfilling and happy life. 

Every successful person you might have met or read about has probably advised, “Don’t give up,”. While that might be applicable to your journey in fulfilling your aspirations there are times where it’s good, or even important to just give up. Not on yourself, but on things that are not serving your purpose or adding value to your life. I have come to accept that in life seasons change, and painful as it may sound, not everyone is meant to be a part of your success journey or your life. Acceptance of what is than of what you think things should be is the first step to finding contentment in your life. Yes, it’s good to give up at some point in your life. Here are five things I have given up on, and that I hope you will too:

Give up the super (wo) man syndrome: The mistake that usually costs us our health and happiness is trying to please everyone at our expense. Not knowing how to put yourself first is really not an honourable thing, and saying no, when you really can not help does not make you a bad person.

Give up toxic people: Sometimes, things just don’t go well in our lives because of the company we decide to keep. There’s no harm in letting go of people who drain your happiness and energy. All it takes is that delete button.

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Give up using social media as a tool to measure your success: While your friends, celebrities and other people whom you follow are slaying their days and posting filtered or edited images of their lives, don’t sit there comparing your journey to their lane. Everyone has their turn, all you have to do is earn it, no matter how long it takes. As one media personality once said, “Don’t let your food get cold worrying about what’s on my plate,”.

Give up feeling sorry for yourself: Blunt as this may sound, no one and nothing owes you and I anything. You have to be the one who proves to the world that your dreams and talents are valid and that you also have something to put to the table. Not everyone is meant to be famous, but everyone is meant to live a fulfilling and impactful life that makes you happy.

Give up grudges: What people do to you or feel about you has nothing to do with you but shows a reflection of who they are. Grudges or holding back on forgiving others hurts only you and not them. Forgiving others is not a sign of weakness but a powerful tool to heal yourself.

What other things have you given up for your wellbeing and happiness, I would love to hear in the comments below


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