Gabrielle Union To Produce And Star In 'The Perfect Find'

Gabrielle Union To Produce And Star In ‘The Perfect Find’

Gabrielle Union will be producing and starring in an adaptation of author and beauty expert Tia Williams’ 2016 novel The Perfect Find.

American actress, brand ambassador, and businesswoman Gabrielle Union will start shooting The Perfect Find in 2019 after her production company,  I’ll Have Another, gained exclusive rights to the best-selling book and intends to make it a big screen romantic comedy. This is the actress’ third time executive producing a film she is performing in. The Perfect Find will be written by Leigh Davenport, a former producer, and consultant at BET.

Tia Williams took the news to Instagram yesterday (7 November 2018) and said, “Two years ago, I published a novel called “The Perfect Find.” A year ago, @gabunion read it, loved it, told me so, and I figuratively fainted. And today…this. I’m currently too overwhelmed to process (I’m just sitting here, shaking and shimmying like an overcaffeinated chihuahua). LIFE, MAN. Even when the stakes seem crazy and the obstacles insurmountable, do that nutty thing you love. Make yourself do it. You never know where it’ll go.”

The storyline is about a woman who is desperate to have a fresh start in the world of beauty journalism and takes the only job available to her at a magazine where her boss is her frenemy, Darcy. She finds herself struggling to keep up with her younger and more social media savvy co-workers while keeping her boss happy — and when she starts a relationship with the company’s new videographer, she thinks her life is finally turning around until she finds out that he’s the boss’s son.

Union who started her career in Hollywood in the 1990s has featured in films and series such as “Being Mary Jane,” “Bring It On,” “Think Like A Man,” “Think Like A Man Too” and “Breaking In.” Her advice on success and life is simple, yet profound, “Your world is only as small as you make it.”

Source: Variety.com

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