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5 Ways Successful People Bounce Back From Rejection

How successful people bounce back from rejection

What sets successful people apart? Their courage to take the road less traveled and their ability to bounce back from rejection. Here’s how they do it:

Have you ever faced a romantic, a business or job rejection? It stings, doesn’t it? Especially if you believed that it was meant to be and had put in so much effort to prepare for it. We have all faced rejection at some point in our lives, but what sets successful people apart is their perseverance and persistence to go for what they want, regardless of the doors shut on their faces. As an aspiring business person, I follow the journeys of legends who have built globally renowned brands. Writing this article I couldn’t help but think of Mr Colonel Harland Sanders, who founded his finger licking brand, KFC at the age of 65. What inspires me about his story is that not only did he knock door to door in his community, asking people to taste his recipe but it is said that he heard 1009 “no”s before he saw the first nod. If he gave up on the 1008th no, I doubt the brand would be where it is today. Rejection hurts. But it’s how to respond to it that determines your character and how likely you are to be successful in whatever it is you want to do with your life. This how successful people bounce back from rejection:

They don’t take no for an answer: There’s something about the word no that pushes successful people to try one more time. Successful people allow themselves to feel the pain that comes with rejection and then try again the next day until someone eventually says yes.

They don’t allow it to define who they are: Rejection or failure is part of anyone’s journey and not a definition of character. Successful people understand that and refuse to feel sorry for themselves.

They give themselves credit for trying: I always say that many brilliant ideas that could change the world for the better are in graves because many people chose to play it safe while they were alive. If fear didn’t paralyse you, what would you do today to fulfill your dream and your purpose? If you are hustling to fulfill your dreams, pat yourself on your back for being courageous.

They go back to the drawing board: Successful people always find ways to improve on their ideas and bettering certain elements that keep making them rejected. This means they ask for constructive criticism and use that as a basis to improve on themselves.

They know when to let go: Successful people always listen to their intuition and graciously let go of something that is simply not working. It’s good to be persistent as well as being realistic. Sometimes when God closes one door one has to believe that He sure has something bigger and better in store for you.

How have you bounced back from rejection?





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