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How To Show The Most Important Person In Your Life That You Love Them: Yourself

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This month of love, don’t forget to practice some tender loving care to the most important person who exists in the world: yourself.

Next to the festive season, Valentine’s Day is the most commercialised season in the world. I feel so much so that people have detached from this season’s real meaning. Many people have high expectations on what materialistic things they will receive on the day, and for most single people it’s a painful reminder that they are not in romantic relationships, which often leads to anxiety and depression.  Often we tend to overlook the most important relationship that we should nurture: a relationship with ourselves. While we are more giving and loving to others we tend to do that at our expense and that is not fair. Happy people always put themselves first because they understand that you can’t give to others what you don’t have in you. I have learned the hard way over the years the importance of loving myself. Hopping from one bad relationship to the next was tiring and I knew I had to pause and reflect on the real cause of choosing such relationships. Through it all, I learned that you can’t expect others to love you while you have a bruised self-esteem. And to be honest I would settle for crappy relationships for fear of being single.  But it does get to a point where you are fed up and have to realise that there is more to life than what we settle for. I knew I had to face my fears to heal. I chose to be single for a very long time and it has been the most liberating and beautiful gift I gave to myself as I had to lay a healthy foundation of who I was. This is how I have been practicing self-love:

Forgive yourself: You are only human and you are bound to make mistakes. I have learned that it’s not how much you fall that matters but how far you rise. I have also learned that pain is temporal but suffering is continuing to make the same mistakes and expecting to see different results.

Appreciate your strengths and your beautiful features: Celebrate how unique you are and embrace the positive traits that make up the DNA of your personality. What you focus on expands, so choose to be positive.

Pamper yourself: I have been doing that a lot and it feels good to spoil yourself every once in a while. There’s nothing abnormal about showing self how much you love it.

Practice positive affirmations: There is no need to hate yourself because there are many people doing that great job for you. Be your own cheerleader and wipe out negative thoughts. Being unhappy is not the best place to be.

Cut off toxic people in your life: Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are the company you keep. You have to put your wellbeing and happiness first by cutting out bad relationships.

Do what makes you happy: Not only will you be fulfilling a part of your purpose but you will certainly leave a positive impact on the lives people around you.

How do you practice self-love? Please share in the comments below

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    February 13, 2018

    Some truly interesting info , well written and broadly speaking user pleasant.

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