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My Journey To Success With Businesswoman Londiwe Ngcobo

My Journey To Success With Businesswoman Londiwe Ngcobo

My Journey To Success With Businesswoman Londiwe Ngcobo.Durban-based founder of Andimahle Building Events Londiwe Ngcobo shares with us how she changed her career from being a health-care practitioner to being an events planner

Share with us your childhood, what were your career aspirations?

I was always inspired by my granddad who was a prominent businessman in his community. He owned quite a few successful businesses.

Why did you decide to start your career in the UK in 2004 to 2007?

I went to the UK to gain more experience; however, I then realised that when I got back to South Africa I would start my own business.

And what exactly was your role as a health-care practitioner in one of  the hospitals there?

I worked two jobs , during the day I worked as a receptionist and at night I would look after the elderly at a nursing home.

You made a complete career shift from being in the health-care field to being a private secretary at a government department, why the change?

I have always been a self-starter and a driven woman and thus I needed the public sector work experience.

Why did you decide to start a business, especially in events management?

I studied marketing management in so doing there was a correlation between marketing management and events management. That was when the love was ignited.

 Tell us about the initial phase of your business, who were some of your clients, and what challenges did you have to overcome?

Government was my main client. I would do Izimbizo (a gathering) for 1000 to 5000 people and my passion for events grew from there. I faced so many challenges namely: late payments by our clients, not owning infrastructure thus we relied on other events companies and they would not deliver what we expected.

Why did you name your business Andimahle and who is your target market?

I named the business after my children Andisi and Amahle, which is a legacy I want to leave for them. Our target market is prominent business people and professionals. It is all people from all works of life who want an event planner.

Share with us some of your biggest highlights and which major events were you commissioned to do?

We have done a number of presidential events, World Water Day, which had 8 000 local and international delegates. King Zwelithini’s ( Zulu king) 70th birthday celebration. We also do a lot of events for Nomzamo Mbatha and the Lighthouse Foundation.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is being able to stand in your own power and never stop striving and working hard to be better every day. Success is when ambition and potential become a reality. For me, it is more than attainment but realisation of what makes you happy

Do you feel you have achieved it?

I believe success is a continuous intentional everyday effort. I am content in my current state, however, I am not where I want to be as the vision is big, therefore, I keep working hard.

What three words best describe you?

Ambitious, hard working and courageous

Describe your busiest day

From 6:00 am I meditate on the word of God, go to the gym and get ready for work. I then consult with clients, attend meetings and in between I answer phone calls. In the evening, I get home do homework with my children; at the end of it all I am a wife.

How do you unwind after a busy day or project?

I take a hot bath surrounded by candles and listen to soothing music before bed.

 What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Short-term goal- Move to bigger offices with storage.

Long-term – Owning a wedding venue facility.

 How big is your team and what is your management style?

I have 10 support staff, one manager and a brand strategist.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, what challenges is your business going through now and how are you managing it?

Truth is the pandemic has had a negative impact on our business; however, we are thankful to our valued clients that continue to show support and trust the Andimahle brand. We are keeping our faith that we will resume business as usual and after this the sky is the limit.

What top five financial tips can you give to women, either in business or those who are working?

  1. Live within your means of affordability and budget
  2. Acquire a lot of assets for your business as this will enable to generate income.
  3.  Do not compete and run your own race at your own pace.
  1. It is okay to start small with big dreams and aspire to build your net worth.
  2. Build a good relationship with your banker.

 Lastly, what are your success tips to aspiring business people or those who failed in their business endeavours?

  1. Push harder as business comes with a lot of pain and challenges.
  2. Some days you won’t feel like chasing your dreams however you need to remind yourself why you started.
  3. Have multiple streams of income and do not depend on one source.
  4. Pray about making big decision as sometimes this will have a financial implication.
  5. Ensure your company documentations are compliant.
  6. Do not take short cuts.

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