How To Be Productive And Happy At A Job You Hate

How To Be Productive And Happy At A Job You Hate

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There is a fine line between having bad days at work and hating your job. Here are five hacks to help keep you motivated and productive at work


Let’s be honest, for some of us, finding another or even our dream job can be a daunting affair. It’s not as easy to land a job interview, let alone a job. And, no matter how much you hate where you currently are, you simply cannot afford to quit because you might have exorbitant bills to pay, school to finish or a family to take care of. There might be a big gap between where you are now and landing another job, until then here are five tips to make the most of where you are:

Focus on what you like about your job: Maybe you are passionate about your field and what you do, but your work environment is toxic and not conducive for growth. Focus your attention on what makes you happy at work, no matter how small it is. Perhaps some of your colleagues are a pleasure to work with or chat to, or your job description, your salary or the perks that come with the job. Being negative won’t change the situation, rather focus on what you can control and that is your mindset.

How can you add value? At the end of the day, you are replaceable at work. But it’s how you leave a mark that also makes a difference. No matter how hard it is, do your job to the best of your ability, ask for more projects as that expands your knowledge and skills. Ask for constructive feedback on your performance and how you can improve if your manager doesn’t want to cooperate, ask from your colleagues who have been in the company longer than you. You are doing yourself a great service by adding value as your hard work can speak volumes on your behalf, a trait other companies look for.

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Take your lunch breaks and use them wisely: Instead of eating at your desk, go outside for fresh air, to rejuvenate or to have lunch. Why not further your studies or upskilling yourself with short online courses? You can bring your laptop to do this or look for other work opportunities.

Be grateful you still have a job: The coronavirus had a very negative impact on every aspect of our lives, especially in the job market. If you still wake up every morning, be grateful as many people are currently unemployed. With this said, be careful not be burn any bridges no matter how tempting it is. Rather bite your tongue and be as professional as you can be.

Start job hunting: Toxic work environments can trigger a lot of stress and depression. No matter how strong-willed you are, hating your job can leave you feeling demotivated. Rather, start brushing up your CV and refresh your interview skills. With this said, also evaluate what it is that you don’t want to experience again in your next job, is it, negative colleagues or managers? A low salary? A work-life imbalance? Make sure you research the next company that wants to work with you as much as possible to make sure you don’t repeat the same cycle of hating your next job.

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Are there other ways you are productive in a job you hate? Share in the comments below.


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