5 Questions To Ask The Interviewer During A Job Interview

5 Questions To Ask The Interviewer During A Job Interview

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Interviews are a two-way street, they are also an opportunity to see if the job, and its work culture, is the right fit for you. 

While CVs are a personal and professional introduction to yourself, interviews can be a bridge that lead you to your dream job. However, they should not be as daunting as we often make them out to be. If anything, they help the company as well as yourself to determine if you are both the right fit for each other. This is the reason it’s important to also have a set of questions to find out if your career goals will also be met in that particular company. Here are five questions to ask:

What qualities does someone need to have in order to successfully fulfil this position and what possible challenges are usually faced in this role? This question helps you understand the human element of the job description advertised, meaning you need to understand the kind of trait one needs to have to succeed in their role, does it, for example, need someone with analytical skills?

How long is your training programme and are there more opportunities for skills development? Apart from the salary, another important factor in one’s career is growth. You need to figure out if the company invests in its people through development programmes.

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How long have you been in this company and what do you enjoy most about working here? This question is as personal as you can get with the hiring manager during the interview. It helps you get a sense of how happy they are at the company. Their tone and whether they sound enthusiastic or not will help give you glimpse of the work culture there.

Please tell me more about the team I will be working with and what is the leadership style of the person I will be reporting to? This question is important to ask as it helps you understand and even prepare yourself for the kind of people you will be working with.

What is the next step in the interview process? This question shows interviewers that you are keen on the job and it also gives you a sense of the follow-up protocols of the company.

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