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Miss SA Top 10 Busisiwe Mmotla Shares How She’ll Spend Heritage Day

Miss SA Top 10 Busisiwe Mmotla Shares How She'll Spend Heritage Day,

Busisiwe Mmotla is the only Top 10 Miss South Africa finalist representing Soweto at the 2020 Miss South Africa pageant which takes place on October 24 in Cape Town.

A qualified teacher and fitness fanatic, Mmotla talks about how she will be spending Heritage Day, what Cape Town has taught her and tells us about her Miss South Africa journey so far.

Do you know how you will be spending Heritage Day?
I will be spending the day with family and friends and I am sure we will celebrate at home.

What does the day mean to you?
Heritage Day for me means a celebration of all the different creeds and cultures in South Africa in an effort to bring the nation together. This is a day that enables one to feel proud of who they are without feeling judged or stereotyped to the notions that exist about their culture and how diverse it is by seeing how we are more alike than we are different.

What would be your perfect Heritage Day meal and who would you share it with?
A good pap served with braai meat, chakalaka and a cold drink. I would share it with my family and friends because we are such a diverse group. My family is made up of different tribes because of inter-marriage and that to me is amazing because when we are together, we are all just speaking in different languages and we are just trying out new foods from all over the country.

Being a Top 10 finalist has now sunk in, has the journey been what you expected? What has surprised you?
To be honest it has not sunk in yet but the journey has not been what I expected at all because it has shown me a different side to the pageantry world, that it is not all about beauty but hard work and practice. I have been surprised by the amount of planning that goes into making everything happen. The photoshoots, the training and coaching are really well thought out and that takes commitment and dedication to ensure everything is of a high quality and aligned.

How has Cape Town been and what have you been up to?
Cape Town has been phenomenal. Something about the ocean and its blueness makes one very self reflective. I have reflected on this whole journey. It has been the most important thing for me since I was 20. All the mistakes and all the effort I have put in things have led me to this position.

Is this a first visit for you and/or what are your impressions of the Mother City?
This is my second visit. The first time I was working so I never went sight seeing. I have been blown away – Cape Town is both beautiful and calming. I am torn between moving in with Jordan (who is a Capetonian) and going back to Joburg! This city forces you to take in every moment and to slow down.

You are now really getting to know your fellow competitors – any funny stories or anecdotes about them that you can share?
I am getting to know them slightly better. Not many anecdotes or funny stories but I can tell you that my fellow competitors are such beautiful, amazing women. Because we all are different, we have something to teach the other.

Anything else you would like to add?
I just want to wish everyone a happy Heritage Day. It is because of our differences that we are so strong. If we were all so similar and did not have different tribes, it would be easy for our culture to be stuck in a regressive position. Let’s use this day to celebrate these differences and use it as a chance to learn new things.

Miss South Africa 2020 will be crowned at a spectacular and entertainment-packed event – which takes place in Cape Town on Saturday, October 24, from 17h00 – and which will be screened live on M-Net and Mzansi Magic and streamed for an international audience.

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