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One-On-One With Miss SA 2020 Finalist Jordan van der Vyver

Jordan Van der Vyver

The 24-year-old full-time international model usually spends half the year travelling and working overseas. She reveals her travel secrets and what she gets up to when she’s abroad.

When did you start your modelling career?

I started part time in 2010 and have been a full time model since 2014.
What are the three things that are essential for you when flying?

Neck pillow, headphones and aerosol water spray (for the face, life changer).

What do you always pack first?

I’m quite methodical so tops and pants first!

What type of modelling do you prefer and why?

Campaigns. They’re usually shot in amazing locations which makes it seem like an all- expenses paid holiday to a place you might never have visited in your lifetime. It broadens one’s horizons! You get to know the crew more personally and usually everyone on these sets is happy and stress free, which makes for an amazing experience.

When you are working internationally what is a typical day for you?

Each city has its own routine but generally on a shoot day in studio, I wake up early to work out before call time, get to set early with clean hair, face and nails and then the makeup artist and hair stylist set up while I have a coffee and some fruit. Once they’re set up, I get my hair and makeup done, which takes an hour or two, and then go straight into wardrobe while the photographer prepares the set and lighting. The first shot takes the longest but after that we get into a rhythm and it’s easy going from there.

Your favourite destination?

Always, Cape Town.

What three things do you miss about SA the most when you are overseas?

Woolworths (actually all our brands), the quality of our food and I dearly miss my loved ones.

How did you feel when you were told you were a Top 10 finalist for Miss South Africa?

I was overcome with emotion; excited, relieved and grateful all at the same time which came out in a flood of tears.

What are the initiatives you will be supporting?

I will be supporting anti-gender-based violence initiatives with the focus on educating our youth on the topic as well as behaviours that plant the seeds which result in future gender-based violence. It is close to my heart because I was bullied from a young age and it took me a long time to regain my confidence. I want to empower our young women so they will stand together and protect each other. The young women of our country need to be reminded of their worth and reminded that they have a voice so that they can take back their power and embrace their full potential.



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