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6 Ways To Manage Fatigue And Slay The Rest Of 2019

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End-of-year fatigue is creeping in, and while it may be tempting to let things go in your hustle with the intention to start again in 2020, it is possible to end the year strong, according to an expert

 If all you want to do is sleep or leave the office as soon as you start work, you might be suffering from end-of-year fatigue. It haunts the best of us, even the most hardworking and disciplined individuals. If you survived and conquered the whole of this year, use the following tips to soldier on and slay the rest of December:


You may have started the year with many goals. Or, you may be one of those people who don’t believe in ‘goal-setting’. Regardless, pick one thing to do and see it through. Decide what you need to do to achieve this goal and give it your all.


Self-awareness can help us move from being eager starters to consistent, strong finishers. Being self-aware allows us to identify and focus on our strengths, while acknowledging and accepting our weaknesses. And this is how goals are achieved.

To reach this point, you may need to have an honest conversation with yourself about what you have done well this year, what has been in your blind spot, and how to leverage your strengths and take away the power of your weaknesses next year.


It can be very empowering to do something every day which moves your closer to your goal.  Move faster. Create urgency. Action conquers fear. Make your action steps effort-driven rather than outcome-driven.

Evaluate how you’ve approached your goals in 2019. Explore what you’ve been doing and decide what you need to stop doing, keep doing or start doing – and implement this immediately. No need to wait for the clock to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve to start doing the things you want to be doing.


For many people, not much gets done without a hard deadline, as seemingly more urgent and important things constantly crop up. So, if the work that you’re doing hasn’t been set a deadline, set an artificial one for yourself. Deadlines get you moving.


For many Type A personalities, their battle with perfectionism often translates into procrastination. If you constantly value work that is perfectly presented over work that is done, it might be time to move your boundaries on perfect. Remember that the pursuit of perfection is at odds with the need to get it done and delivered. At this point in the year, finding the delicate balance between perfection and delivery is important.


Energy levels fluctuate throughout the day.

Early risers might find that they’re at their most productive and alert early in the morning. For night owls, the opposite is true. Regardless of when you’re most productive, always choose to do your most important tasks when your energy levels are at their best, and your productivity levels are bound to rise.

It’s late in the year and we’re all weary. But the mental energy and positive outlook to be gained from upping your game at this stage, rather than dropping the ball and postponing the inevitable consequences, can’t be over-emphasised. Don’t give up until the finish line is crossed, and be sure to exit 2019 with gusto.

Words:  Georgina Barrick, Managing Director at Cassel & Co

Source: Supplied

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