Creative Ways To Stay Productive While Operating Your Business From Home

Creative Ways To Stay Productive While Operating Your Business From Home

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Working from home, means saving a lot of money as well as working on flexible hours, during self-isolation amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s how to make the most of your home office

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, declared a national disaster on March 15, many businesses and companies have taken drastic measures to minimise the spread of the virus, like enabling employees to work from home. There’s no doubt that multi-national and especially small businesses have been badly affected by this global pandemic, especially since the number of infected people has surpassed the 100 mark. There are already other challenging factors businesses had to operate under, such as loadshedding, and the fact that South Africa is under technical recession. How they will swim above water to survive is really up to how economic and political leaders will help alleviate financial burdens on businesses. Reserve Bank governor Lesetja Kganyago announced yesterday (March 19) that the bank will cut the interest rate by 1% in response to the coronavirus that is affecting both consumers and businesses. What is in your control, however, is what steps you can take to help stop the spread of the virus. If you decided to vacate public spaces and your office, here are ways to stay productive while you operate your business from home:

  • Set clear boundaries:Just because you are at home doesn’t mean that you aren’t working at all. Communicate firmly with your family and friends that you have set working hours during the day and be disciplined enough to stick to your work before doing anything else at home. If you have a little one, who needs your attention, rather ask family members to care for them for the period of your work.
  • Design a business-like environment:Turn one of your rooms into an office space, with its own stationery and work equipment. Instead of bringing clients to your home, rather make use of technology, such as Skype calling, or other social media platforms, to communicate with them. Also, be disciplined enough to keep your office equipment for office use only.
  • Separate your expenses:Don’t make the mistake of mixing personal and business expenses because not only will you find it difficult to assess profitability but the tax season will become a major headache, especially if your business is registered.
  • Get out more:Starting a business on your own can become a lonely experience. Go out more to get inspiration. But please avoid crowded places, rather go to park (if it is safe), a breath of fresh air is all it takes to gear your energy again.
  • Alleviate the 24/7 trap:24 hours might not seem enough when you are starting out or even running your business. But you need to allow yourself to rest before you burn out. You are not a machine, and even those need a regular service to perform well.

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