5 Corporate Culture Mistakes To Avoid At Work

5 Corporate Culture Mistakes To Avoid At Work

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At work, being professional is very important no matter how free or comfortable the environment allows you to be. Here are mistakes to avoid at work

Let’s face it, work can be either two things: fun or mortifying. It always either depends on management or the relationship you have with your colleagues and not necessarily the job itself. Some corporate cultures provide conducive grounds for you to grow, while others push you to find other opportunities elsewhere. Either way, here are five corporate culture mistakes you have to personally avoid:

  • Not respecting time: time is one commodity many companies don’t take for granted. Being punctual, and even meeting deadlines, shows the next person you respect them and their time. Make it an effort to be on time in whatever work-related situation you are in. There are unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic that might make you late for work or not be able to meet your deadline. You have to notify your managers when that happens, but it really shouldn’t be a habit.
  • You are what you wear: although what you wear depends largely on the field you are in, you need to be decent in how you represent your company with what you wear. Whether you like it or not, people judge you by what you wear. Be careful what branded T-shirts you wear to work say, and please avoid wearing flip-flops no matter how lenient your company is.

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  • Avoid cliques: by all means, engage with your colleagues, form friendly relationships with them, but avoid forming groups that are troublesome and cause headaches to others. There are people who are notorious and cause trouble, by gossiping or stirring conflict. Avoid such groups, your future and career growth depends on it.
  • Not communicating with relevant people: Sometimes, we treat our bosses or managers like villains (which most are) and complain to fellow colleagues instead of addressing the issue. If you feel overwhelmed about something, have things you need clarification on, an issue that’s not making you happy or need a new challenge, address it to the right people, good managers will help you where they can.
  • Underestimating yourself or not being a team player: I believe it’s your attitude more than your skills that make or break your career. There is nothing that is impossible to learn and master, if you want to, so not believing in yourself does not serve you at all. Without overworking yourself, raise your hand to help others, it’s one of the great ways of learning something new.








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