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Jay-Z Is Officially Hip Hop’s First-Ever Billionaire

Jay Z

At 49, Jay Z has joined the billionaire’s club, making him the first ever hip hop star to reach this fortune. Here’s a breakdown of his wealth and his success tips

Jay Z seems to have it all, fame, fortune and the most beautiful and successful wife, Beyonce who also has an incredible resume. Forbes recently reported that the hip hop star and father of three, has reached his billion dollar mark through his music, streaming service, real estate, and other business ventures. Forbes reports that his journey into music  22 years ago ( in 1996) with his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. It was the beginning of a journey that would lead to 14 number 1 albums, 22 Grammy awards and millions of earnings from his music. The rapper also co-owns a cognac, D’Ussé, with Bacardi, as well as Tidal, his music-streaming service.

According to the publication Jay Z’s worth in each venture is worth a staggering fortune:

Armand de Brignac champagne:  $310 million

D’Ussé: $100 million

Cash & investments: (in companies such as Uber) $220 million

Tidal: $100 million

Roc Nation: $75 million

Music: $75 million

Art collection: $70 million

Real estate: $50 million

Lesson learned? Don’t put your eggs in one basket. There’s a reward in wise and long term investment decisions. I am also learning that patience is key here, it took this guy 49 years of his life to get to this point. There’s no such thing as quick riches, hard work and patience go a long way.

I also love what Nandi Madida tweeted earlier. She said, “It’s important to mention the part that no one wanted to sign Jay Z at one stage. Other human beings are not God, God sees your potential and talent and that is all that matters, value you.”

Jay Z also said in one of his success tips that patience and persistence will get you through life. He continued, “Have such a strong belief in yourself that you can quiet out all the outside noise. There are people that are projecting their fears and their shortcomings and their failures and you have to be careful of that; people telling you that you cannot do it. You have to be strong enough and resilient to believe in whatever it is that you are trying to do.” I am happy I heard this billion-dollar advice, the question is are we willing to action this advice?

Source:, Youtube, Nandi Madida

Image: Forbes

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