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5 Sunday Habits For A Productive And Successful Week

How To Be Productive For The Rest Of The Year Without Overworking Yourself

For most people, Sundays are a painful reminder that the weekend is soon coming to an end, and for others, it’s a great day to prepare for a productive week. Here’s how to emulate them

Instead of winding happily down to the Sunday vibe most people stress about the last few hours that are mercilessly ticking to a new week. Mondays bring with it dread, a bit of a hangover and the pile of deadlines looming on your desk, waiting to be met. Or they bring a fresh, new start for you to do better and be better. Like Mondays, life is what you make of it and only a positive mindset can bring positive results to what it is you are trying to achieve. Fortunately, there are things you can do, on Sundays to set you up for a great, productive and successful week ahead. Here is what I have been practicing since the beginning of the year:

Set SMART weekly goals: It’s important to set goals in life as they help steer us into fulfilling and challenging career and life directions. With this said, break down your goals into specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic and timely objectives. If you are looking for a job, be specific as to how many job posts you will apply to, how to refine your CV or polish up your skills. If you have deadlines or meetings to attend to, start preparing how you will complete each task until you finish your work.

Map out your wardrobe and menu: It sounds weird, but this will save you a lot of time in the mornings if you sort out your outfit for the week. The same goes for what you will take to work for lunch. Have an idea of and prepare your outfits (including ironing), and draw up a recipe for the week. When you prepare your supper, make enough to take to work. (This also saves a lot of money).

Draw up your weekly budget: Do you feel like you have rats emptying your pockets two weeks after payday? It can be frustrating not knowing where your money went to. The only way to stretch your budget as far as possible is to know what you are doing with your money. Draw up a budget to see how you are spending your money, not only on transport but on food and other necessities for the week. Recording your expenditure will help you see where your priorities are in terms of expenditure.

Do some chores: The week can get so hectic that all you want to do is sleep when you get home, and Saturdays can also get a bit hectic, with attending events and going out. Sundays seem like best days to do some cleaning (It’s a dread, I know) and some laundry. The actual process is not so much fun but the results are worthwhile. A clean home is one pleasant place to relax in.

Make time to relax and go to bed early: Hard work is important to get far in life, but it’s just as crucial to take good care of yourself. Make Sundays days where you relax and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Also, go to bed as early as you can to wake up rejuvenated on Monday.



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