6 Business Card Mistakes You Need To Avoid

6 Business Card Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Business cards are an introduction of your business to your potential clients. It’s important to make sure they stand out, by avoiding these six mistakes

We all know that business cards are a great and cost-effective marketing tool, especially at networking events. Deals are almost always sealed through relationships- and business cards are a great introduction to your potential clients. There are, however, common mistakes that business people make when it comes to the business cards they hand out at any given chance and that can cost you business. Remeber that first impressions count, and the same applies to your business card. My mentor mentioned some of the mistakes my business card had and it’s vital to avoid them as much as possible if you want to be remembered. So, when you and I run out of business cards and think of redesigning them, let’s  make sure we avoid these five, common mistakes:

Little information: Since business cards are small by nature, keeping your business card clean and to the point is important, but they serve no purpose if they don’t have the relevant information your potential clients may need. Make sure your business cards contain the role you play in your business, the services you provide, and especially your contact details.

The font is too small: If people struggle to read the information on your business card because of the font size then they won’t even bother. Make sure your font size makes it possible for someone to read what’s on your business card.

Cluttered card: Don’t overwhelm people with too much information on your business card because it will look cluttered and messy. Add what’s relevant and not your detailed biography. If people want to know a bit more about your services and your previous clients they’ll visit your website.

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Not selling yourself: What sets your business apart? Why should people do business with you? Your company’s tagline might answer that. Let your business card do the selling for you by telling, in a unique way, why you are the go-to business person for your services.

Using poor quality papers: If you want to be taken seriously, invest not only on the design of your business card but on quality paper. There’s no harm in investing in your brand, especially your business cards.

Handing out your business card too early: It’s great to sell yourself at any given chance, but not too quickly as it makes you look desperate. Take time to get to know people you network with before you hand out your business cards, remember, it’s important to ask for one back as that shows interest in working with someone; plus you might need to follow up with potential clients in the future.

What other business card mistakes do people make? Share in the comments below

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