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Bonang Confirms Season 3 Launch of ‘Being Bonang’ in 2019

Bonang Confirms Season 3 Launch of 'Being Bonang' in 2019

Queen B, Bonang Matheba has announced that she’ll be inviting the world back to her world with season 3 of her reality show, Being Bonang

It has been a busy year for the celebrity and philanthropist. From jetting off to New York Fashion Week, to launching her T-shirt collection and co-hosting the Global Citizen Festival among other things. Amidst her busy schedule fans will be delighted to hear that season 3 of the reality show will air in 2019. She took the news to Twitter, captioning ‘Season 3. 2019,’ on the image of the reality show’s official logo.

The multi-faceted star will also star in a Red Button Film Documentary, called Public Figure, which aims to showcase the lives of influencers and the addictive effects that social media has on society.

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She shared the news with her fans on Instagram:

Not known to slow down, Bonang, will sure ‘Give the people what they want’ in 2019 and beyond.

Congratulations Mo Ghel on your never-ending success.

What do you think of Bonang’s reality show? 



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