View From Idris Elba On #MeToo Movement's Impact In Hollywood

View From Idris Elba On #MeToo Movement’s Impact In Hollywood

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On answering about his view on the #metoo movement the actor said, ‘It’s Only Difficult If You Are A Man With Something To Hide’

There’s more to Idris Elba than being named the sexiest man alive. His integrity and respect for women oozed with the answer he gave about the #metoo movement initiated by activist Tarana Burke.  Essence reports that in a recent interview with The Sunday Times, he was asked if it was difficult being a man in Hollywood since the eruption of the #MeToo movement last year. “It’s only difficult if you are a man with something to hide,” the actor told the British paper. The website further mentioned that Elba has long championed women in Hollywood — and beyond. In a powerful speech to the UK’s Parliament, the actor advocated for more women in Hollywood — in front and behind the camera — as casting directors, actresses, directors, and producers.


In a speech that he delivered in 2016, the actor who is currently promoting the upcoming fifth season of Luther and shooting the anticipated Fast and Furious 9 said, “What all this taught me, is too often people get locked inside boxes. And it’s not a great place to be.
Ask women, they’ll say the same thing. Or disabled people. Or gay people. Or any number of under-represented groups. So today I’m asking the TV & film industry to think outside the box, and to GET outside the box. This isn’t a speech about race, this is a speech about imagination. Diversity of thought.”

Source: Essence.com

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