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5 Things To Do For Your Career In Your 20s

5 Things To Do For Your Career In Your 20s

Choosing a career is one thing, but one that fulfills you is very important. Here are five ways to build a good foundation for your career

There’s no science behind it, but your 20s are a great time for self-discovery,  newfound independence, and responsibilities. It’s a decade of fun and trial and errors, especially when it comes to how you make a living. Choosing a career that fits perfectly with your passion and purpose takes time and a few mistakes along the way. If you have a job that just pays the bills do it so well and learn as much as you can, while you look for something that sparks the fire in you. Here are five things to do in your career that will sure pay off in your future:

Build meaningful contact and relationships:

Networking at industry events is the first step to do that. Build a list of the people you would like to meet and brush up on your networking skills, from how you introduce yourself to the conversation you initiate. Follow up with people who share their contacts as they can be the doorway to career opportunities you seek.

Create a strong social media presence:

Social media can create opportunities or destroy your career. Stand out by creating a brand that charms your prospective employers. While it’s tempting to share eye-raising pics and tweets, think about the consequences of what you put out there. Like your reputation and character social media is an extension of you, so take care of your presence in it.

Invest in yourself:

Since your career is one of your biggest assets invest in furthering your studies or reading self-help books that will improve certain skills you want to master.

Have a mentor:

Having a mentor to seek advice for your career progression is a great way to grow in your industry. While others believe in reading about their role models to learn from them others prefer a personal relationship with a mentor, so find what works for you.

Believe in yourself and take it easy: It’s a jungle out there and to thrive you need to believe in yourself. Things will not be smooth nor easy all the time so you need to be confident that you can achieve what you put your mind to. Don’t be too hard on yourself as well, especially when things don’t go your way. Trust that things will go well, especially when you are consistent, learn from your mistakes and work hard.


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