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Get To Know Your Miss World South Africa 2018, Thulisa Keyi

Thulisa Keyi

At 26, the accountant graduate from Eastern Cape will represent South Africa at this year’s Miss World in China. She chats to KDanielles Media about her journey and her advice to young people

Congratulations on winning Miss World South Africa, what will you do differently at this year’s pageant later this year?

I think the reason we have two different titles this year is the understanding of how different the two pageants are. The Miss South Africa pageant was run on an international standard this year; the changes were to match what’s happening on an international scale. I think Miss World is more focused on community work and giving back. I think what I would do differently is focus on the qualities that I possess, that are applicable to Miss World.

What inspired you to enter this pageant?

The journey for me is really personal. I’ve never had the courage to walk on such a stage before so I believe that this journey was predestined for me. As I young girl I witnessed my father being brutally killed and I never had the opportunity to deal with it. It’s only at this point in my life where I can reflect and see how I can deal with it and help my community. My way out was through academics and that’s why I am passionate about education, as it is a sustainable form of empowerment. I want to promote that sustainability through education and be a beacon of hope that one can get through anything.

What is the title of Miss World South Africa mean to you as someone from the Eastern Cape and what would you say to a young person who saw your crowning last month?

This was my first beauty pageant ever, so it was such a big transition from my academic experience. Where I come from, this is unheard of; you don’t walk on the stage of Miss South Africa; it’s only a dream. So I hope that my experience will encourage the youth about the power of possibilities. I hope this is a glimpse of hope to my community, to show that where you come from doesn’t define your destiny.

What is your favourite quote?

I have a couple of quotes that I absolutely love but if I had to scale it down to only one, the following quote from J.F Kennedy speaks to my soul: “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

Thulisa Keyi will represent South Africa at the Miss World Pageant in China, on 8 December 2018


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