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Men We Can’t Help But Crush On

Stars we can't help but crush on

September marks albinism awareness month in South Africa. And to commemorate this we show stars who have defied social stereotypes to follow their dreams.

For many years people living with albinism have suffered a lot of social discrimination and even death. But a lot of successful stars have been on the quest to show that albinism is just complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin and hair and that there is nothing super natural about the condition. We have selected four of our favourite man crush millennials who smash social stereotypes while following their dreams:

Shaun Ross (26) is the first ever American international male fashion model with albinism. He has been featured on the pages of major fashion publications, such as Vogue and was also featured in campaigns and runway shows of top global designers. Oh, and he appeared on Katy Perry’s video for her hit single, Katy Perry’.

Sanele Xaba is South Africa’s first global male model living with albinism. At only 23 he is sure pushing beauty and social boundaries, especially with his outreach program, Rolled Sleeves.

Adama Dosso, This hot French model from Ivory Coast is one eye candy who has graced runways and featured in some music videos.

Jewell Jeffrey, is a French model and DJ who recently partnered up with global vodka brand, Smirnoff with its “We’re Open” campaign, which sees him in South Africa, using his passion for music to make people dance.

There are many inspirational people who have rebelled against what society defines as ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’, especially when it comes to albinism. Unfortunately many have been killed and a lot fear for their lives. Our four inspirational models and activists have also experienced their fair of challenges but were able to make a name for themselves, on the runways and beyond. They, like many who are mocked by society, are defining what beauty and success means.

Who is your role model living with Albinism? And how are you raising awareness on albinism this month?









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