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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Leave Your Job

Things to ask yourself before resigning..

With joblessness on the rise among young people, can you afford to give that notice with a blurry future in the job market?

As a young person, you have had your first taste of the job market and it turns out that it’s not, at all, what you thought it would be right? With office politics, KPIs you feel pressured to meet and a boss you swear lives in hell it does seem tempting to give it all up and find other opportunities from home. Or better yet, you have seen your peers opening businesses that have been blossoming and believe that you can also be your own boss, right? Well before you nod to every point you seem to be going through, it’s very important to weigh how your decisions will affect your future in the job market. With the dawn of a brand new week hours may seem to drag and the weekend may feel like waiting for the end of time. If you feel that way, believe me you are not the only one. Hard as it may seem, you have to be grateful for having what many young people are striving hard to get. Secondly you have to make the most of your job by finding that one thing that you at least enjoy and use that to your advantage. Lastly, you have to have honest conversations with yourself by asking the following questions, if you are considering handing in your resignation letter:

How will quitting make your resume look like? If this makes you look like a job hopper it may make your prospective employers uneasy, especially if you have been with your company for less than a year.

Are you financially prepared to leave your job? Any business person will tell you the importance of saving at least six months’ worth of your salary to pay bills. If you get into the habit of saving as much as you can, your future self will thank you for it.

Are the conditions of your workplace too toxic and abusive? Some work environments are too toxic for people to handle, especially if your manager sees you as a threat. I have been there and the feeling is draining and disappointing.

Have you taken any action to make your job bearable? If you know your rights as an employee, that is at least the first step in the right direction. Standing up for yourself is very important, especially if you use the company’s guidelines and policy to your advantage. Good luck if you are working for a business that doesn’t know what it’s doing or doesn’t value its employees.

What is your exit plan? If you have made up your mind about leaving your job, how are you navigating your way to another opportunity? Can you afford to take a salary cut or even volunteer for your dream position or at your dream company? You need to have a plan in place on how to achieve your ultimate career goals.

Have you considered leaving your job? We’d love to hear in the comments below

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