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My Journey To Success With Vusi Nova

Vusi Nova.

Vusi Nova’s vocal talents has earned him nods with from the music industry and his fans. He shares his journey into entertainment and his success tips.

Many of us wish that life was as perfect as Vusi Nova’s smooth and perfect voice. But it has its challenges and the music sensation hasn’t been immune to some as well. His music direction took a turn when he lost his mother, which sparked his battle with drugs. It took the singer almost ten years and his journey towards healing (from his previous relationship) to produce one of his best work yet and latest offering, Naninina, which has earned him the success, awards and love he has enjoyed . The singer shares behind the scenes of his success and where it all began at Muthaland studios, Johannesburg.

We wish Vusi Nova recovery from the ordeal he experienced two weeks ago. His family is also in our prayers.

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