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5 Signs You Are a Great Boss

Signs you are a great boss

Many millennials are making money on their own terms. Other young hustlers are opening business offices while creating jobs. But have you stopped and wondered the kind of boss you are?

Owning a successful business is a dream for many people. But there’s there more to it than the glamorous awards, business networking and press coverage you may receive. Owning a business requires a lot from you, from being financially literate to getting a client base to bring in the business. The upside of being a business person is the contribution you make to alleviating unemployment through job creation. When employing your team you only have their word (backed with qualifications or referrals) to rely on that they are an asset to your company. Don’t think you have done enough by simply hiring people to your business; it is your job to ensure that your team is empowered and motivated to grow, not only your business but their skills as well. If you have a dedicated team in your business, you are very lucky but yet again it could be that you are a great leader to work with. Below are 5 signs that you are a great boss:

You care about the wellbeing of your employees: Busy as you are you make the time to get to know the people who work for you. You understand their strengths, weaknesses and long term goals and you find ways of helping them grow.

You are impartial: You don’t demotivate your staff by showing favouritism. Obviously there are those whom you thank your lucky stars for working for you, but you don’t make it obvious to the rest of your team.

You always give honest feedback: A great boss is never intimidated by anyone. In fact they allow their workers’ strength to shine through and give constructive criticism where necessary.

You make room for disappointment: Life has never been smooth and neither will your business. Your employees are bound to make mistakes and you will lose clients here and there, but instead of thinking the world has come to an end you find amicable ways of rectifying mistakes and moving forward.

Your employees are always keen to give ideas to grow the business: This is a great sign as it shows that your employees care about your business as much as they do about their pay cheques. When your team is always enthusiastic in finding solutions to any challenge and giving you ideas on how to grow your business, you are doing something right. If you look around there are many people who are so demotivated at work that they go there to watch the clock ticking to month end.

Are you a great boss? What other signs show that you are a good boss?

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