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My Journey To Success With Khaya Mthethwa

Gospel Avenue Khaya Mthethwa

29 year old gospel singer and presenter, Khaya Mthethwa, tells us about his passion for music, the new gospel show he bagged and his success tips to young people

What inspired your love for music, and was it a career you always wanted to be in?

​Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot, but when I started being involved in the music department at church as a teenager, I realised ​​this is where I belonged.​ My family is very musical so when they saw me pursuing the whole music thing they weren’t surprised. There are times when they were worried but they have always rallied behind me.​

Apart from joining and winning Idols SA, are there other avenues you used to break into the music industry? What are they?

​Before Idols SA, I had worked with Ntokozo Mbambo, Mthunzi Namba, Israel Houghton and Joyous Celebration.​ I did backing vocals for these guys.

What is your favourite genre that you love performing and why?

​Obviously gospel. I grew up singing gospel. I love the message of encouragement it carries and seeing people’s lives being impacted and transformed once they have heard a particular gospel song.  ​

 What didn’t you expect from the music industry when you finally broke into it?

​To be honest I had no expectations. I knew that I was going to get out of it as much as I put into it. I also had huge support from people in the industry who showed me the ropes and offered advice whenever I needed it.​

 If you didn’t pursue a career in music, what would you be doing?

​I’d be flying a commercial aircraft around the world. ​

  What do you find hard about the industry and what keeps you going?

​It can be a very cruel place to be but I believe that if you know what you are here for you should just focus on that. My vision and purpose keeps me grounded, also my family, and relationship with God. ​

What have been some of your highlights?

​There are so many, performing in some of the biggest gigs that we have on the continent. The experience in Nigeria attracts almost one million attendees. That is the biggest and the most mind blowing gig I’ve ever done. Collaborating​ng and working with legends like Black Coffee has also​ been amazing.​

Tell us about your show, Gospel Avenue, how did you get the gig and what should the audience expect from the show?

​Well, I got a call from the guys at ATTV looking for a host and I was so excited. Working with them has been amazing as I’m learning every day.

The audience can expect a praise and worship session delivered right in the comfort of their living rooms. The show is light hearted, informative, honest and uplifting. Our director always encourages us to have fun, so that is exactly what we do!

  What else can we expect from you in 2017?

​I’m working on our church album called Oasis Worship, this is a team of worshippers within our church. The first single, Mkhul’umsebenzi is about to drop!​

What is your advice to young people who want to make a success of their careers or businesses, in whatever field they want to pursue?

​It’s important that life’s purpose is the reason why we do what we do! I always advise young guys to be excellent where they currently are, so that when their big moment comes they are already living in some way what they want to become. Purpose and Preparation are key!

Don’t miss SABC 1’s newest gospel music show, Gospel Avenue, every Sunday, at 09h00 am (CAT). Gospel Avenue’s repeats will air on Mondays at 22h00.



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