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Habits That Make (or Break) Your Career

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Although some habits are an extension of who you are, it’s important to be aware of those that make or break your career

Whether we are aware or not there is someone always watching our every move at work. While some managers or colleagues don’t hide micro managing you and eying you like a hawk, others give you the freedom to work at your own pace. It’s also your attitude, beyond the skills on paper that get you ahead in your career- or cause you your job. Some of us make friends and even relationships at work, but it’s very important to always have integrity and be professional, as no one would be prepared to just lose their jobs, especially your work friends. Although a work-personal boundary is essential to keep you sane an occasional friendly smile or small chat won’t kill you. There are habits that people are noticing and they can make or break you in the corporate world. Can you relate to the following habits?

You are always proactive: When your manager asks you to do something beyond your job description you happily take on the challenge and show eagerness to learn as you go. It’s even better when you always ask what else you can help with as that shows eagerness to be an asset to the company. Hard work is an attractive trait that bosses look for in employees. If you don’t have this habit, start developing it, especially if you want to go far in your job and in life.

You are always in the midst of gossip: When you find yourself among certain cliques at work who are always chattering for a long time every 30 minutes and seem to be a headache to fellow colleagues panic, because trouble is ticking by the day and there will come a time where things will blow up in your face.

You are passionate: If you find yourself learning new trends in your field to keep abreast or you always try to find ways to improve your skills and the company you work for, you have a great habit that get will set you in new career heights. It’s a bonus if you work for companies that care for the wellbeing of their employees, as that will ensure a bright future for your career.

You are always late and don’t make an effort to look presentable: You might think you are lucky if your manager always says, ‘okay’ when you are running late three times a week or when you are always absent, but this habit isn’t working in your favour. And if you top it off by not making an effort in how you dress for work, you are committing a career suicide.

What other habits do people have that make or break their career?

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