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Use These Five Simple Ways To Win Over Your Boss

Use these five ways to win over your boss

We spend most of our lives trying to impress those above us, from our parents to the workplace. This is how to get the nod from your boss.

Have you seen teachers’ pets at school, and even found yourself working with similar people in the workplace. They can be quite annoying as they usually try too hard to impress their bosses, even at your expense. Well, the good news is that you can win over your superiors and even your boss without losing yourself and your values. Although you can’t control how others feel about you on a personal level, being professional at all times does earn you respect. Use these simple ways to win over your boss professionally:

Understand the vision of your boss and show your support towards helping them achieve it: This entails going the extra mile on what your role entails at work. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand if you have ideas that you can back up that will help grow the company.

Strive to create an amicable relationship with your team: It’s important to be a team player and not cause headaches to your leaders by creating tension in your division. Reality is not everyone will like you and neither will you, but respecting everyone at work will help create an amicable relationship with them.

Get to know where your boss is coming from: Sometimes, your boss has to report to someone or be accountable to everything that happens in the business. Get to know your boss outside the walls of the office and try to know where they come from regarding the decisions you make. Sometimes, taking things personally will cause too much tension and at worse scenarios burn bridges.

Show initiative: Doing your job well is great but not so much if your boss doesn’t know about it. Show initiative and enthusiasm with your job. How you present yourself really speaks a lot of volumes.

Dress the part: How you present yourself says a lot about you. People treat you based on how you present yourself, including how you dress. If you want to be taken seriously, especially by your boss dress to kill.

How have you won over your boss?






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