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Three Things To Tell Yourself Every Day


Your words are a powerful instrument and reflection of the life you are living. Create a happier version of yourself with these three things to tell yourself every day.

Why is it that we all seem to fall for negative self-talk? Why do we let fear dim our shine and potential as young people? The biggest fear I, for one, seem to have is the well of possibilities and capabilities I am scared of tapping into to reach my greater self. We somehow know that we are powerful beyond measure but unfortunately, it’s easy to settle for less. And many of us choose to do that and hate on those who are able to silence the loud internal and especially external voices that try to deter them from being great. I think how we perceive ourselves is largely influenced by the outside environment. Our families, friends, partners, and society at large might have contributed to how we perceived ourselves. Take school for example, don’t top student academic awards bruise your pride? Especially if, like myself, you are an average student? Or how about pageants, or what society defines beauty as? I feel like we are conditioned to be competitive and that does affect how we look at ourselves, whether we admit it or not. Self-esteem is a very important tool that influences how you see yourself, and those around you. I have learned that your experiences are a reflection of how you internally see yourself. If you find yourself always attracting toxic friends or partners look deep into yourself and be honest as to how you see yourself and what you think of yourself. If you feel you don’t deserve good things, chances are you will be in situations that reflect what you feel about yourself. So change the way to think and feel about yourself into something positive in order to attract positive things and people in your life. One of the ways to do that is through words. These are the three things to say to yourself every day to be a happier and positive version of yourself:

I deserve only the best: And it is true. You deserve to have the career or business you dream of having. You deserve the good partner you pray for every day. Mostly you do deserve to live the best life you are meant to live, because we are born to fulfill a special purpose.

I can do it: There is a saying I really love which reads: if you say you can or you can’t you are right. There isn’t anything that your heart desires that you can’t achieve. Do what you can do to reach your goals and God will take care of the little details that will ensure your success.

I love what God has created: You have to find it in your heart to believe that you are beautiful, regardless of how society has defined beauty. God’s creation is beautiful, and since He took his time to form you in your mother’s womb you are as special and beautiful. Believe that and tell yourself that you love what you see in the mirror. Affirming these things every day will make you live a more fulfilled and happier life that you deserve.

What do you tell yourself every day?

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