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My Journey To Success With: Kwesta

Kwesta Dakar

2017’s four-time South African Music Award winner, Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi, known as Kwesta shares his ten-year road to the top of the hip hop game and his success tips to young people.

Born and raised in Katlehong, in the East of Johannesburg, Kwesta always loved the arts and knew from an early age that he wanted to build a career in entertainment. He shortly became part of Buttabing Entertainment after submitting his demo to its founders Slikour and Shugasmakx, who were in the rap group, Skwatta Kamp, while he was in high school. After years of hustling in the hip-hop game, he started his record company, Raplyf Records in 2012, where he signed hip hop duo TLT, also from the East Rand. Winning four awards at the SAMAs this past weekend seemed to stamp the fact that the Ngud’ hitmaker is making a big name for himself in the hip-hop field. And what I find admirable about him is how he uplifts up and coming talent along the way. For the last ten years, Kwesta stayed in his lane while persisting in making it big in the music industry. He does admit that passion and resilience have gotten him to where he is today. From his personal experience, the down to earth rapper further advises, “Failure is part of your success journey. I don’t think there is any successful person who has never failed in some sort of way. The trick, for me, is not forgetting the situation you find yourself in and working hard to move from it to be in a better place. If failure keeps you down, then you are a successful failure. Don’t give up easily and don’t make failure your successful plan. Remember why you started, this will make it easier for you to get up during challenges. People are so afraid of failure and make it such a big deal that they forget that what’s bigger than anything is the initial plan, goal and dream they want to achieve. Importantly, once you reach your success don’t let that change who you are. Don’t settle for where you are at. Dream bigger than where you have arrived in life.”

Connect with Kwesta:

Instagram: @kwestadakar

Twitter: @KwestaDaKAR

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