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5 Things Not To Share With Your Friends About Your Relationship


Some things are off limits when it comes to the status of your relationship. Keep your relationship with your partner as intimate as possible by not sharing the following with your friends.

I am a sucker for love. And I believe that relationships are a great experience, especially if both of you are crazy in love with each other. Your true friends will always be happy for you when you have someone who keeps you all smiles every day. I have seen couples break up because they put their friend’s opinions above their partners’ sincere feelings. It’s a red flag when your friends know everything about and even influence how you treat your relationship. There are some details I feel you shouldn’t share with your friends no matter what. These include:

  1. Every fight you have: It’s okay to vent to your friends about your partner’s childish behaviour, that’s what they are here for. There are times, however, where you really need an honest opinion from friends about certain quarrels, but telling them every single detail of your disagreements will start to paint an ugly image of them.
  2. Their past: Some past experiences are preferred to be left where they belong- in the past. Both of you know about each other’s past because of the trust you have built together; don’t betray it by publicising their past.
  3. Their pay cheque: Money is a sensitive issue that most couples find difficult to discuss, what more if you share what goes in and out of their accounts with other people? The number of zeros they have and what you guys do with them should be a no-go zone when catching up with your friends.
  4. How good they are in bed: or how bad. It’s the same really. What goes on in your bed, or sofa or wherever should remain there because whichever side of the coin your friends will not look at your partner the same. Your sexual intimacy can only be deeper if kept between the two of you. The best person to communicate anything about your sex life is your partner because they are the ones you are sleeping with.
  5. Personal issues: From the personal problems they are going through to how really great your relationship has been, keep certain things about your relationship sacred and under wraps.

What other details shouldn’t you share with your friends about your relationship?


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