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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Starting a Business


Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. This is how you can overcome your fears

There are many people who sit on great and even profitable business ideas but don’t consider pursuing them because of fear. I am one of them. For a while, I ignored that business-bug biting slowly at me because I feared to fail. My dream has always been to be a media mogul but I buried that idea in my head and settling for a job because of the financial security that comes with it month end. The only challenge now is that I am not content with waking up to an 8-5 job. The only hurdle I am dealing with now is fear. Below are some of the things many fear when it comes to starting a business. But how can we overcome this?

Fear of failure: Statistics prove that businesses fail within the first two years. That alone puts many people off because who wants to start something to see it fail, especially when it comes to the time, energy and money that is involved in building your business. Having a clear vision of how to supply a need, coupled with an in-depth business plan and a bit of mentorship you can reduce being a statistic. Failing has been since as something horrid, but a lot of successful business moguls have used their failures as lessons to write success stories that we are inspired by. Employment also not guaranteed as anything can happen, leaving you retrenched. So don’t let false evidence appearing real, make you sit on your dreams.

Fear of insecurity: Nothing screams financial instability louder than being a businessperson. Industry experts say that if you want to leave the security of a job to start your venture, save at least 6 months worth of your salary to keep you going and to pay necessary bills when you are starting out.

Fear of starting from the bottom: One of my business role models, Khanyi Dhlomo left a lucrative job title as the editor of True Love magazine (which had an estimated 2 million circulation during her 8-year tenure) to start her blazing media company in 2007, which publishes, Destiny magazine, a successful South African publication. I remember interning there in 2009, during my varsity holidays and had people asking me what the publication is about when I called to interview them and industry experts for features. Today, need I introduce the magazine to people in the media space? Drake couldn’t have said it better for many hustlers who have made it to the top in his 2013 hit single, ‘Started from the bottom now we here’! Make that song your anthem in the early days of your business. It will sure keep you going.

Fearing of not knowing what to do: Most successful entrepreneurs jump at moneymaking opportunities and learn the ropes while they are at it. You don’t have to be perfect in a certain field, but you can find someone who complements your weaknesses by hiring them on a part time basis. One of the ingredients to business success is to continue learning about your industry and maintain good business relationships.

Fear of timing: In the world of business there is not better time to start your business than now, especially if your business idea can meet the needs of your customers. I have waited almost five years to start the KDanielles Media brand because of fear. The only regret I have is not starting it sooner. But I am glad that I have started it now, only equipped with faith that it will succeed.

What fears did you overcome when starting your business?


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