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Signs You Are Wasting Your Time With Him

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Do you find yourself checking empty inboxes or being stood up by your partner almost every day? It’s time to move on

Most of us have stories for days when it comes to our love lives. Other relationship experiences could even make smashing box office movies. But if one of them is having to beg your partner for the affection, attention and love you deserve it should raise a red flag. Below are warning signs that you are wasting your time with someone who is not invested in you:

You always initiate conversations and plan getaways: If you have to pause and think when someone asks when your partner ever calls, texts or takes you out than something is not right. Relationships are a give and take but if you are the only one initiating everything to spice things up than tick the first sign.

He is always MIA: Have you ever found yourself wondering if your partner is even alive, especially on weekends? He barely answers your calls or texts, or worse, you are always stood up at the last minute every time you have to spend time together. He is wasting your time.

He barely remembers important dates nor shows interest in what matters to you: I remember picking my jaws from the floor with shock when my ex complained that I was selfish by always ‘talking about myself’ or telling him my about my dreams. I knew he didn’t care about our relationship, as the signs were blunt. So run, and fast if he shows he doesn’t care or show interest in you.

You haven’t been introduced to his family and friends: Seven months into the relationship with my ex I still hadn’t met his family and his friends. That, for me, was a big sign that I wasn’t part of his future plans.

You are not his priority: If you really sit and reflect and find that there isn’t much you know about him, especially some elements of his past and what his future plans are he hasn’t made you his priority.

That inner voice keeps screaming at you: I believe so much heartache would be avoided if we listened to that inner voice that always nudges at us. Always listen to your intuition, if it says something is not right, it always isn’t.

What other signs have you experienced that showed you wasted your time with your ex? Share on the comment below

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